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author spotlight august: antivanrogue | petitavocat

Unfortunately, he had just witnessed Shepard storming off a geth dreadnought in all her battle-flushed glory to punch a quarian admiral in the stomach, and damnit, she knew how sexy she was just out of combat, hair mussed, eyes bright, cheeks pink… | fic

Jo’s body of work stands for itself. She’s talented, knows how to draw you into her world no matter if she’s writing 500 words or 5,000. But on top of all that she is super sweet. Always there to lend advice or kind words to whoever needs it. She is a gift to this fandom. 

She skews to both sides of the spectrum no matter female or male shenko. And she loves both equally. Which is why I think we all can agree on her being spotlight of this month. Go read her work! All of it is worth your time.  

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